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2005 27-28 August (West India Quay)

A fun packed weekend for all ages! There was dancing on the Global Village Dance Stage, Funquay Beach, quayside entertainers, rowing sessions and art installations at West India Quay. The range of activities at the Museum in Docklands included the Print Positive art exhibition, dance workshops, arts workshops and tales of derring-do.

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Global Village Dance Stage (West India Quay)

The immensely popular annual Global Village Dance Stage appealed to all age groups who participated in a range of dances including ballroom, jive, tango, swing, salsa, charleston, lindy-hop, Latin, line dancing, sequence dances and easy moves.


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Funquay Beach Weekend (West India Quay)

Free beach with deckchairs and Punch & Judy organised and supported by X-Leisure, British Waterways and DLR

Plant Cultures Trail (Museum in Docklands)

Trails to find out about the precious plants that were brought to London from around the globe.


Print Positive (Museum in Docklands)

Limited edition prints were produced in workshops for the festival exhibition by disabled artists from The Other Side Gallery.


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Tales to Tell (Museum in Docklands)

Rayna Nadeem's three short films of stories of endearing historical characters who once frequented the area, as told by today's Docklands community.

Art On Water (West India Quay)

Four East London artists were commissioned by the Festival to create artwork especially for the docks.

Community Laundrette

Rayna Nadeem's giant washing line by the Dance Stage at the edge of West India Quay displayed a colourful array of people's clothes exploring the relationship between architecture and the inhabitants of the city.


A photographic exploration about the diversity of East Londoners living and working in the Docklands area. - by Caglar Kimyoncu, a digital artist, curator and director of the London Disability Film Festival.

Diverse Movement

A water installation by Jonathan and Stephen Stockbridge who specialise in public art and working in communities.

Sound Installation

Created by sound artist Charlie Dark premiered his first public work using found sounds recorded in the Quay and then processed and manipulated in the studio environment.

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Heroes or Villains? (Museum in Docklands)

The world of children's toy theatre with the stories of Blackbeard the pirate, Dick Turpin highwayman and other characters much loved by children.

Pirate Woman! (Museum in Docklands)

Mary Read, the London born pirate, her adventures on the high seas and her tales of derring-do.

Quayside Performances

Street entertainers and stiltwalkers handed out garlands.


Learn to Dance! (Museum In Docklands)

Participants learnt different dance style routines which they performed at the Global Village Dance Stage.

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African Puppets! (Museum In Docklands)

Workshops to make colourful puppets inspired by African folk tales and acted out later in a story on a special stage.

Make a Toy Theatre! (Museum In Docklands)

Creating one's own mini-theatre and the cast to stage "The Pirates and the Giant Crabs!"

Set Sail & Make Ships (West India Quay)

Ship making with SPLASH Arts.

ART Challenge (West India Quay)

Creating murals supported by Island House and Cryptics Youth Club.